Why Zagreb

Zagreb is an exceptionally interesting destination for digital nomads due to its excellent geotraffic position – it is well connected with the rest of the Europe and the world (due to the large number of direct lines, etc.) and with the rest of Croatia.

Furthermore, in line with global trends, Zagreb is increasingly turning to smart technologies, renewable energy sources and sustainability in all forms of business and operations when it comes to infrastructure.

Zagreb is an attractive and dynamic year-round destination, ideal for teleworking thanks to the numerous coworking spaces, cafes, business atmosphere, local attractions and a rich complementary offer. 


You will absolutely love life in Zagreb. It has the perfect size, it is dynamic, and there is so much you can visit and see by taking a half hour drive, bike ride or on foot.

Croatia is small, but rich in diversity. All regions are very well connected with Zagreb, and you can quickly and easily discover the rest of the country with Zagreb as a starting point. In just two hours you can get to one of the northern Adriatic destinations that are particularly popular in the summer season.

You will be delighted by the generosity and friendliness of the people of Zagreb. Once you have a friend in Croatia, you have a new family. Nothing compares to a walk through Dolac Market on a sunny Saturday morning. The same is true if you go for a walk to the British Square (Britanski trg), the Upper Town (Gornji grad) or some of the green oases of Zagreb, such as Maksimir, Zrinjevac or Sljeme, especially if you want to add a little sports activities in your free time.


A particularly important aspect for digital nomads, from a business perspective, is that Zagreb is one of the leading centers of the IT industry in the region. The domestic IT industry is extremely concentrated in the city of Zagreb and represents 80 percent of the total sector.

The turnover in Zagreb is HRK 21.37 billion, which is almost four times the sum of revenues of all other counties, according to the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The IT sector employed 33,000 employees in 2019, with an annual growth of 9.1 percent, and once again Zagreb leads with 20,810 IT workers, i.e., 63 percent of the total number of employees in the industry.

The strength of the entire industry and its exponential growth on a global level continuously encourages Croatia and the city of Zagreb to undertake numerous activities in line with trends, with the aim of attracting more and more foreign experts from various business domains, especially digital nomads.


The thing that certainly affects the quality of life is a sense of security. According to the results of the EU-SILC 2016 survey, the share of people who stated that they were facing crime, violence or vandalism issues in their environment (in the immediate vicinity of their apartment) was 13% at the EU level, whereas the same indicator was only 3% for Zagreb, which places us at the very top of the EU countries whose population is facing the least crime, violence or vandalism issues in its environment. Therefore, Croatia can be considered a country whose citizens feel safe.


Maksimir, Jarun, Bundek – these are just some of the oases that make Zagreb a city for pleasant life. Healthy lifestyle fans can run the paths of Maksimir Park at dawn, whereas Lake Bundek has become, in addition to sports activities, a venue for numerous sustainable fairs and events. On the other hand, Lake Jarun is a great location for young people, since in addition to sports activities, it abounds in nightclubs and numerous activities tailored to this target group.


Theater performances, cultural and sports events, artists, concerts, dance and entertainment flow through the streets of Zagreb, so it comes as no surprise that street festivals have become a symbol of our metropolis. A variety of music, drama, art, sports and other events and entertainers bring life and colors to the streets of the city, and nightclubs offer a wide range of entertainment programs to suit all tastes.


A rich gastronomic scene always offers great flavors to visitors and locals. Legendary confectioneries, pancake houses and charming traditional restaurants indicate that the people of Zagreb are true gourmets. Zagreb has an excellent geographical position in this regard– it is surrounded by tame green areas that have nourished it for centuries and that supply excellent natural ingredients throughout the year, from fruits and vegetables, cheese, meat, to excellent wine. The most famous specialties actually originate from the rural area. Zagreb's dishes are a true reflection of the harmony between the village and the city. At the same time, the city is only a few hours’ drive away from the Adriatic coast and its sumptuous seafood offer. Local delicacies from all over Croatia arrive in the capital every day, which makes it the top gastronomic center in Croatia.


The craft beer scene in Zagreb has never been stronger, and the creative pubs dominating the Zagreb catering scene are simply thrilling. Quality beers and interesting flavors from Zagreb pubs are gaining more and more fans.


If you want to take home an interesting souvenir, take a walk along Ilica where you can find the best offer of clothes by local and foreign designers. If you prefer shopping malls, Centar Kaptol and Centar Cvjetni are only a few minutes’ walk from Zagreb's main square. Importanne Galleria is located in the center, and offers a large selection of well-known clothing and footwear brands. Avenue Mall, Arena Center, City Center One West, City Center One East and Garden Mall are a little further from the city center, and there is also King Cross Jankomir.

If you want to go grocery shopping, Zagreb is full of shops with local products, and if you want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, Dolac Market is the right choice.


The perception of the city of Zagreb is that it is a large open-air living room. When the sun makes its appearance in early spring, the cafes, restaurants and patisseries open their terraces. Streets and squares turn into promenades, places to enjoy a cup of coffee, hang out with friends, but also to have business meetings. From farm women (kumice) on the market through peculiar individuals and street musicians to dressed up boys and girls – the people of Zagreb are nice, they have a great sense of humor, they are multicultural, fun and always ready to help, and the vast majority speak English fluently. 

It’s hard to find a better place in the heart of Europe for digital nomads.