Cycling through Zagreb

A bicycle is an ideal means of transportation for the city, especially if you live in the wider city center. You will reach your destination faster than by car, it does not pollute, it is cheap and efficient.


- 161 locations for cycle racks

- 1,808 parking spots

- 3 public garages (42 parking spots for bicycles)

A bicycle is an ideal means of transportation for the city, especially if you live in the wider city center. You will reach your destination faster than by car, it does not pollute, it is cheap and efficient. Riding a bicycle preserves health, not only of cyclists, but also all road users. The city of Zagreb formally has more than 270 km of marked cycling paths.

A map with marked bicycle parking spots is available here.

Public garages with free bicycle parking spots can be found at the following addresses:

  • JG Gorica, Martićeva 69 – 14 parking spots for bicycles
  • JG Tuškanac, Tuškanac 1b – 20 parking spots for bicycles
  • JG Lang Square, Trg Josipa Lang 13 – 8 parking spots for bicycles
  • JP Gredelj, Strojarska ulica bb – 28 parking spots for bicycles

We are continuously striving to contribute to the development and improvement of cycling conditions in the city of Zagreb, as well as the ecological development of the city, all in order to make Zagreb a green city in every sense of the word.

Zagreb is an ideal city for public bicycles due to its favorable climate and mostly flat topography. There are many benefits, not least that public bicycles are the most economically and environmentally sustainable type of public transport, they are adapted to the city and represent the fastest means of transport for trips under 5 km. If you do not own a bicycle, the Nextbike public bicycle system offers the possibility of renting bicycles at many locations in Zagreb.

The well-kept bicycle path on Jarun is 5.5 km long, whereas if you take the road (larger circle), it is about 6.4 km. The facilities provided by Jarun are sports and entertainment-oriented, so in addition to cycling, you can enjoy the sun on one of the terraces, play volleyball, ride horses, or play basketball or football.

The bike and roller coaster trail on Bundek is 1.65 km long and it is the least demanding. The interspersed wooded areas are ideal for summer days during which a little shade will come in handy. In addition to riding, you can also relax at Bundek over a coffee or a cold drink, which is an excellent solution for hanging out with friends or for families with children.

Depending on the shape you're in, the two destinations that are certainly the best choice for MTB bike riders are Sljeme, Maksimir, and Dotrščina Park.

Sljeme is ideal for cyclists, both those who prefer to stick to roads and those who will deviate from the road and follow the forest paths towards the top. The trails are numbered and traced so that there are points of contact between them where you can switch from one trail to another and thus combine the tour according to your own preferences and the amount of energy you have.

For those with a little less strength and fitness on MTB, Maksimir Park is also a very good option. There are different types of trails within the park, from wide macadam to single tracks. Riding on a gravel path that, in addition to straight sections, also has a few more serious, but not too long ascents, will be a fun activity that will burn a lot of calories and raise your heart rate.

If riding through Maksimir is not enough for you, there is another MTB oasis nearby. Dotrščina Park is located northeast of Maksimir Park and not far from Dubrava Hospital. Just like in Maksimir, in Dotrščina you will find several types of trails, from those for beginners, to more strenuous ones for which you really need to be in shape.

The Zagreb–Samobor route is most definitely among the favorite sections for road bike riders. And while many use this road on their way to the Samobor Hills (Samoborsko gorje) to enjoy the ride there, others will find this section alone enough. The route is ideal for a recreational ride after which you can enjoy a cup of coffee and custard slices (kremšnite) or have lunch in one of the rural homesteads of Samobor.

A wide network of cycling paths is located in the wider vicinity of Zagreb, which is an ideal opportunity for an active holiday during the weekends.